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Whether you’re still expecting or already a parent, you know how precious your child is.  It’s in your nature to protect him or her from harm. So, if your child’s mattress has been treated with potentially harmful chemicals that he or she is being exposed to while sleeping, wouldn’t you want to know about it?

Our natural and organic upholstered furniture is so rich in valuable benefits compared to typical commercial furniture. First, it allows you to create a healthier home environment—no off-gassing, chemical smells, fire-retardant chemicals or stain resistance treatments, as well as no plywood, chipboard, petroleum-based foams, synthetic fabrics or toxic glues. Second, it offers the expert, pre-industrial, heirloom quality workmanship of skilled Amish craftsmen. Find out what you should know about commercial upholstered furniture before you buy.

Is your pet’s bed lumpy, flat or dilapidated?  Even if your pet loves it, it may not be the best thing for him or her.  Compare your pet’s commercial pet bed with our durable, supportive and healthier Green Dreams™ Natural and Organic Pet Beds.

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