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Down to Earth Home
Natural and Organic Products for an Even Healthier Lifestyle
Our Showroom
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Farmington Hills, Michigan
Our showroom provides a private, serene atmosphere in which you can experience the comfort, quality, and feel of natural and organic mattresses in person.

We are conveniently located near 14 and Drake in Farmington Hills, only one hour from Toledo, Lansing, and Windsor, 45 minutes from Ann Arbor, and two hours from Grand Rapids.

Please call between 9 AM and
9 PM EST Monday through Saturday to schedule an appointment.
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Amish Way of Life
Amish Handcrafted Organic Mattresses and Furniture
Connect You With a Simpler Way of Life
We can’t show you pictures of the Amish folks themselves out of respect for their wishes, but these images help convey the beauty, serenity and lure of their rolling farmland community. When you order a mattress, bed frame, or couch from us, your piece is not mass-produced in some overseas factory. It is handcrafted in the heartland of the U.S. by Amish artisans in their own workshops where skills have been passed down for generations. By buying their goods, you help to provide a livelihood to these gentle, hard-working Amish families who truly practice good stewardship of earth’s resources. It gives you a connection with their simpler way of life and makes buying their handiwork that much more meaningful.

Down to Earth Home deals directly with the Amish craftsmen, who do not have phones or electricity. We pick up your order directly from their workshops.
Amish House Amish Field Organic Pet Bed
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