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Organic Pet Bed
Is your pet’s bed lumpy, flat or dilapidated? Even if your pet loves it, it may not be the best thing for him or her. Compare your pet’s commercial pet bed with our durable, supportive and healthier Green Dreams™ Natural and Organic Pet Beds.

Natural and Organic Pet Beds

Are You Tired of Buying Cheap Pet Beds That Don't Last?

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Problems with Typical Commercial Pet Beds:
  • Problem #1: Quality and Safety of Materials
    A typical commercial pet bed is made with a synthetic fabric case filled with either poly-fill or a piece of synthetic polyurethane or polyethylene foam. Regularly used in many manufactured products, these materials are derived from petroleum, a non-renewable resource. These materials are relatively cheap in cost and quality—often coming from countries such as China. In addition, polyurethane foam is highly flammable unless treated with fire-retardant chemicals, which pose another set of health risks. Polyurethane foam is known to off-gas chemical smells. Toluene and formaldehyde, two chemicals used in the manufacture of polyurethane, are suspected carcinogens.

  • Problem #2: Function and Durability
    Because of the relative cheapness of the materials used, typical low-end commercial pet beds are not optimally supportive or durable. Even the foam used in one “orthopedic dog bed” is so lightweight that a 36”X48”X6” size bed weighs a mere 4½ lbs, yet it retails for $90! Often the foam compresses too easily under weight because of low density, or because it has lost its resiliency over time. If so, it can provide only minimal support and comfort to pets, especially large, heavier dog breeds with hip problems, or dogs recovering from surgery. Even worse, it can allow them to develop calluses, sores, or unsightly hygromas on pressure points on their legs from lying on hard surfaces.

    Dog Callus The skin around the hips, elbows and hocks (ankle area) is often damaged in large dogs due to the pressure place on them when they lay down. The result of this is often hair loss with thickening of the skin or callus formation. In some dogs, the calluses will progress to the point of infection or ulceration and require oral or topical antibiotics and advanced skin treatment. Dennis T. Crowe, DVM

    Vets recommend bedding with adequate cushioning to help prevent hygromas and calluses.
  • Problem #3: Finding the Right Size and Shape
    Owners of large breed dogs know how hard it is to find a quality, affordable bed that is large enough for their pets. Also, sometimes pets prefer square beds to round. Or, perhaps a rectangle is needed to fit in the space where the bed will be placed.

Your dog will say, "Bow WOW!"

Dog Bed

Natural, Organic, Nontoxic Materials

Green Dreams™ Natural and Organic Pet Beds are proudly made in the USA with non-toxic, eco-friendly, renewable, natural and organic materials. This includes organically grown U.S. cotton canvas and natural latex foam rubber made from rubber trees in India. No fire-retardant or other potentially harmful chemicals have been used on the bed materials.

Superior Quality, Support, and Durability

Natural latex foam rubber provides unbeatable support and comfort, especially for dogs with hip dysplasia, arthritis or sore joints. It is cushy, cozy and resilient, and can be “fluffed up” as needed. Natural latex rubber is also naturally anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, and dust-mite resistant. The beds are much more substantial than typical commercial pet beds. For example, a 36”X48” Green Dreams Natural and Organic Pillow Bed weighs approximately 24 pounds, compared to the 4½ pound commercial foam bed. For heavier dogs, a more substantial bed just makes more sense.

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